by vijay, February 27, 2015

Unlike other architects and interior designers who design mechanically, providing you with just the bare essentials as per the brief, we go a step further to add value to your dream, by offering you consultancy in:

Green building concepts:

In today’s time and age, the design approach should not only be cost effective, but should also generate savings. Factors like energy-efficient materials, waste management, low emissions, incorporating nature into building etc. are taken into consideration when we plan your building.


In architecture, acoustics is important not only in auditoria and large spaces as believed generally, but also in offices and residences. Sound energies affect the overall communication, efficiency and even the health of the occupants of a space, and we focus on this aspect as well while designing.

Barrier-free design:

Public spaces should be shared by all alike-young and old, with or without a disability; and that is why we lay special emphasis on design that is safe, convenient and accessible to all- from a baby stroller or a wheelchair to a visually challenged person.

Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui:

The trend for these ancient sciences is catching on, and gullible people are taken in by unscientific, superstitious claims of ‘vastu pundits’ . We focus on providing you scientific, relevant and practical solutions to enhance the effectiveness and energies of your space.