Living Room
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Living Room

May 16, 2014
A living room has been called the ‘face’ of a residence since it is the first space to reflect the owners’ taste and style to visitors. Commonly used for entertaining guests, it can either have a formal setting or a casual comfortable setting where family members and guests congregate.

An ideal living room should be both functional and visually appealing, without compromising on the comfort. Besides sofas (sectionals, 3-seaters, single-seaters etc.) ottomans, pouffes, wing chairs and of course coffee and peg tables are used as furniture. There can also be wall shelves and bar or crockery cabinets if the layout permits.

In our designs, we generally give a focal point or a statement piece in the living room to draw the eye and unify the scheme. This can be anything from a fireplace to a modern LCD unit, from a decorative mirror to a console.

Illumination of a living room is another factor that largely helps to create an inviting ambience. In addition to ambient and decorative lighting like chandeliers, wall mounted and ceiling lights, one should have accent lighting too- uplighters, down lighters, picture lights etc. to highlight special features. Cove lights, recessed lights can be used for softening the living room. We equip many of our sofas and corner tables with colour changing LEDs that can be used just by themselves to create mood lighting.

Last but not the least, accessorizing the living room is essential. Tall plants in rattan or steel planters, glitzy and colourful cushions of various sizes, a carpet or a rug, bold artwork….all of these “complete” the décor of a living room.


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