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May 16, 2014
A bedroom is one’s own personal space in the house, a haven or retreat which truly reflects your personality. The interiors are generally non-gender specific; they can be soothing with light pastels, or a little glamorous with patterned wallpapers, silk cushions and mirrors. The trend is to make bedrooms self-contained spaces with entertainment units, wardrobes, study table and even a sitting area.

While keeping the basic design straight-line, the furniture and furnishings can be an eclectic mix of contemporary and classic- high upholstered headboards, platform beds or side ledges, wing chairs, Roman blinds, traditional bedspreads and artwork. As with the living room, accessories and lighting set the tone of the bedroom too. Floor lamps and cove lighting, wooden rafters and LEDs in false ceiling add to general lighting and accessorizing with quirky cushions, throws and rugs adds color and drama.

In keeping with today’s demands and dependence on gadgets, we equip our beds with concealed lights and toggle switches and even mobile charging points. We help to customize your room to suit your space, requirements and taste while keeping it creative, multifunctional and trendy.


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