by vijay, February 27, 2015
  • Site study and understanding the requirements of clients.
  • Preparation of Architectural scheme and conceptual plans for clients’ approval.
  • Preparation of submission drawings and related documents required to get sanction from concerned authorities.
  • Preparation of detailed specifications and tender documents and helping the client in selecting the right contractor.
  • Preparation of all electrical, plumbing, air-conditioning, services’ drawings with the help of respective consultants.
  • Preparation of detailed architectural working drawings. Supervision of project during execution to ensure good quality construction and smooth progress in work.
  • Checking the contractor’s bills as per the tender and the work done at site and issuing certificates of payments to the contractor.
  • Obtaining forms C and D and completion certificate at client’s cost.
  • Any other consultancy services that may be required related to the project.